Motorfest might be cancelled, but we are bringing you something new!

We have left this decision for as long as possible in the hope that something might change, but for events such as Motorfest where people move freely, Covid restrictions are difficult to safely navigate and there is always the threat of having to cancel last minute due to an outbreak. We are putting the safety of ourselves, our attendees and our local community first this year and trying something new.

This is the exciting part, where we get to try something new this year which we can then add to the Motorfest in 2022 to create a weekend of motoring events rather than just a single day.

This year we are holding the Hepburn Hundred, which is a series of summer cruises beginning in the Hepburn Shire and taking participants through the beautiful country that we call home to finish in some excellent destinations.

These cruises will each be different, come on one or come on them all!

They will also comply with all Covid safe regulations for small events.

Dates and ticket sales will be announced in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!